US Drift Circuit Presents Zombie Apocalypse Sideways Survival

October 30th, 2021 @ 4:00pm EST

$25 - $200
Not on Sale
US Drift Circuit Presents Zombie Apocalypse Sideways Survival
About this event

US Drift Circuit is back at Palm Beach International Raceway with Zombie Apocolypse Sideways Survival

Time to dust off those Drift cars and shred some tires. We are Back at Palm Beach International Raceway Saturday, October 30th for a night of tire smoke and great sideways car action!
Full Road Couse Drifting over 2 miles long!

Tire Changing Service Provided by Tread Connection! ($10 per tire)

Sponsor and Vendor Booths Available email:

Roll in 4:00pm
Track HOT 6:00pm to 11:00pm

Basic tech is required:
*Battery tied down and positive terminal covered.
*All lug nuts in place.
*No loose items in the car or engine compartment (remove floor mats).
*No leaks.
*SA2015 and up helmet (no motorcycle helmet allowed).
*Wear pants and closed-toed shoes.
*Seat properly mounted and a seat belt. (If you use a racing harness, please make sure it is mounted properly. You can use the Regulations page for reference.)
*No major cracks in windshield.
*Attend the driver’s meeting.
*Everything must be safe if anything is sketchy or unsafe you will be told to fix it.

DO NOT run in the opposite direction of the track!
DO NOT spin tires on the grass. If you end up off track, please slowly and safely return back on track
DO NOT drop off or pick up passengers on track or on pit road.
DO NOT get out of your car for any reason, whether it be an accident or break down, UNLESS THE CAR IS ON FIRE!
DO NOT go on track unless you are wearing a wristband.
DO NOT drift the straight-a-ways.
NO standing burnouts.
Always have your helmet on and strapped while on track!
DO wear pants and closed-toed shoes while on track
DO slow down when yellow flags are out.
DO stop drifting and return to the paddock when red flags are out.
DO let faster drivers pass on the straight-a-ways.
All drivers are responsible for their passengers. (Wristbands, shoes, pants, and helmets)

GROUP A and B, please allow room between cars.. This is for your safety.
Register into the group you will run in (30 cap per class)

T = TANDEM You must have run a tandem event with us before or send an email and have all the proper safety equipment to run this class, most importantly a roll cage! If you are running solo in this class you will be bumped down to A class. Email for any questions.

A = ADVANCED This class is for experienced drivers only. You can approved to tandem.  If you do not perform well we can knock you down to group B. If you stayed in group B last event, register in Group B for this event. If you are not sure please register in Group B.

B = BEGINNER This is for New, First Timers or people who still need help. There are NOW RIDE-A-LONGS ALLOWED in this group. If you need some help just ask we will ride and give you some pointers and we encourage you to ride with an A or T class driver.

Palm Beach International Raceway
17047 Bee Line Hwy
Jupiter, Fl 33478
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October 30th, 2021 @ 4:00pm EST
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