Fuel Fest 2024

February 24th, 2024 @ 1:00pm EST

Fuel Fest 2024
About this event

Limited to 60 Drivers
Ride-alongs will be sold at the US Drift Circuit tent at the Event. (info below)
For All Admission tickets, please go to www.fuelfest.com and use code: USDC for a discount ;)

Please Checkout 1 Driver Registration per Driver.  This event is a demo and is for the spectators! We can not approve of everyone because we are limited on space. You will be approved or denied by February 18th. If you are denied, we will issue a refund (can take up to 10 business days)

Please Send an email to chris.usdc@gmail.com with the following information (You Can copy and Paste) 


Driver Name(Required)

Phone Number (Required)


Hails From (City & State)(Required)

Mailing Address

Street Address



Zip Code

Driver age 






Sponsors(list below)

Instagram or other social media (Required)

Upload Side Profile Picture of Vehicle(Required)

This picture must show the entire driver side of the vehicle. Noncompliance will have your application rejected.

Have you Driven a USDC Event before?

Have you driven a FUEL Fest Event before?

Driver Skill Level (Beginner, Advance, Pro-am or Pro(spec))

How many years have you been drifting?

Do you have a passenger seat with seat belts or harness?

Will you be giving ride alongs to spectators? 

Emergency Contact(Required)



Emergency Contact Relationship(Required)

Emergency Contact Phone Number(Required)


-There will be express lane(s) for drivers taking spectators. 

-Drivers will be compensated $40 for every VIP ride along and $30 for every general.1 LAP per pass. (If you want to do more, that is on you). Drivers will be responsible for collecting and holding the passes from the passenger.The pass is how you will get paid at the end of the event so please treat them the same as cash. 

-USDC will have a line to load and unload passengers in your car. THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE PASSENGERS CAN BE LOADED AND UNLOADED. We do have helmets for passengers to borrow. 

-Tire changer will be on site. 


Ride Alongs

-Must be 18 years of age with ID
-Must have closed toed shoes

- Must have a ride along wristband provided by USDC(not the general admission or VIP Fuel Fest wristband) 

-Must sign waiver 

-Helmet will be provided 

-Follow all verbal instructions given by track staff.

-Keep hands, arms, legs and feet inside at all times.

-Leave all loose articles, including wallets, change, sunglasses, and hats with a nonrider  

-Do not board a ride impaired.

-Remain seated until instructed to exit Unless there is a fire.

-Always use safety equipment provided and never attempt to wriggle free of or loosen restraints or other safety devices.

-You should NOT ride if you have heard conditions, back and neck problems or are pregnant

-1 lap guaranteed. Additional laps would have to be set up by you and a driver.

Purchase a ride along pass from the US Drift Circuit tent. Sign waiver and you will be given a pass and a wristband. Go to the Loading/Unloading area and a USDC Staff member will assist you. 

VIP $100

-You can pick the car you want to ride in.

- Priority load in 

- shorter line


WPB Fairgrounds
February 24th, 2024 @ 1:00pm EST
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